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I just turned age 36 (by Korean standards) and noticed that some of my friends seem to be sad to have such a "big" number as their age.

So I thought about whether there could be anything special about the number 36 and I found a simple and interesting pattern for that number.

When you divide 36 by 2, the answer is 18 (36 / 2 == 18); and when you multiply each digit of 36 individually, the answer is also 18 (3 * 6 == 18)!

So it seemed kind of special to me and then I wondered if there is any natural number that has these same features (except 0)

As a non-math person, the shocking discovery was that 36 seems to be the only number under 10M.


prctl - Probe and Resource ConTroL (for k8s)

Just an Gist idea for now


  • It's mundane to edit every Deployment in your k8s cluster to have your desired state for Liveness/Readiness Probe and Resources for each container
  • Manaul operations also don't help collaborations of discussions to have right values for the states

How this would be better than manual approach?

  • One(ish) place to read and edit desired states
  • Keep alerting if the state of the container is different than the repository linked
/* this works */
|> Js.String.split("=")
|. Js.log;
/* this works, too */
-> Js.log;
/* but the code below doesn't */

Claim: Difficulty with interop with JS when accepting nested object param from JS to Reason

Reasonml Ver: 3.3.2

  • No problem with taking parameters from JS and matching to any type contains optional with one depth

  • But it seems to lose values wrapped by option if you have more depth like below

from typing import List
from random import randint
from import Card
from .player import Me, Other
def bet(
me: Me,
bet_players: List[Other],

I wanted to make an npm module via ReasonML

  • a function need to accept objects
  • but couldn't find a way to convert an JS Object to a Reason Record (holds optional value)
// I wanted to have an npm module function like below
reasonFnExposedToJs({key1: 'blah', key2: undefined})

// and works fine with Reason side but generated argsFromJs looks like below
View ttl.jsx
const ttl = (strings, ...variables) => [strings, ...variables]
// or const ttl = (...args) => [...args]
// we are using as an example
const Adder = ({className, x, y}) => {
return (
<span className={className}> {x+y} </span>
View no-concurrency-promise.js
function printTo100(n) {
for (i in [...Array(100).keys()]){
return Promise.resolve()
# find a process using port 3000 via
sudo lsof -n -i :3000 | grep LISTEN
# export env vars from a file via
export $(cat .env | xargs)
# check the reachability of the website every 1 seconds
while true; do curl -I; sleep 1; done
# pipe stdout as one arg to another command