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Rico Pfaus ryx

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ryx / namegenerator.js
Last active Jan 21, 2019
Random (German) Name Generator
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* Creates "contemporary" german (mainly female) names, with a little bit of fun added ;)
* Examples:
* Gerna-Bertomine Braunlens
* Brunlamunde Ringer-Rot
* Joladane zu Paffeneier
* Jora Wollenlens-Schiss
* Lata Krachling
* Klonlaela Grün-Eichelhorst
ryx / verticalRhythmHelper.js
Last active Jan 28, 2018
Vertical Rhythm Guides and Helper Bookmarklet
View verticalRhythmHelper.js
* Tiny helper that adds horizontal guidelines over the complete website.
* It can be used to validate the "vertical rhythm" in the current document.
* Use UP/DOWN keys to adjust height when cursor is inside text input.
(function (d) {
var ROW_HEIGHT = 24;
function resetGrid(rowHeight) {
ryx / adobeAnalyticsDebugger.js
Last active May 28, 2019
A tiny Adobe Analytics debugging helper to be used as bookmarklet
View adobeAnalyticsDebugger.js
* A tiny Adobe Analytics debugging helper to be used as bookmarklet. Compared to
* Adobe's own debugging helper this one simply dumps JSON objects to the console,
* which I personally prefer over fancy HTML tables. This one also supports POST
* requests as sometimes used by s.t and which is quite useful if you need to
* debug asynchronous tracking requests.
(function () {
// create a nice JSON representation of a query string
function jsonifyRequestUrl(url) {