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Created August 21, 2012 13:20
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SELECT Movie.MovieID, Movie.Title, Movie.Length, Movie.YearReleased, Movie.UserRating, Movie.MPAA, MoviePerson.MoviePersonID, MoviePerson.FirstName+" "+MoviePerson.LastName AS CastName, CrewTitle.CrewTitleID, CrewTitle.Title AS CrewTitle, Genre.GenreID, Genre.GenreName
FROM CrewTitle INNER JOIN ((Genre INNER JOIN (Movie INNER JOIN MovieGenres ON Movie.MovieID = MovieGenres.MovieID) ON Genre.GenreID = MovieGenres.GenreID) INNER JOIN (MoviePerson INNER JOIN MovieCrew ON MoviePerson.MoviePersonID = MovieCrew.CastID) ON Movie.MovieID = MovieCrew.MovieID) ON CrewTitle.CrewTitleID = MovieCrew.TitleID
WHERE (((Movie.MovieID)=[?]))
ORDER BY Movie.MovieID, MoviePerson.MoviePersonID, CrewTitle.CrewTitleID, Genre.GenreID;
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