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from twisted.internet import defer
from buildbot.process.buildstep import BuildStep
from buildbot.status.results import FAILURE
from buildbot.status.results import SUCCESS
class CheckForFailures(BuildStep):
this step fails when any of the given build steps fail
name = 'check_failures'
description = 'Checking'
descriptionDone = 'Checked'
renderables = (
def __init__(self, important_steps=None, **kwargs):
assert isinstance(important_steps, (list, tuple))
assert all(isinstance(step, str) for step in important_steps)
BuildStep.__init__(self, **kwargs)
assert important_steps is not None
# 0.8.x does not support rendering of sets, hence keep the original list/tuple in a hope it's not a set
self.important_steps = important_steps
def run(self):
check the build's steps and fail if any has failed
# let's hope self.important_steps was rendered properly
important_steps = set(self.important_steps)
failed_steps = set()
for step in
if step.isFinished() and step.getResults()[0] == FAILURE:
if important_steps & failed_steps:
yield defer.returnValue(FAILURE)
yield defer.returnValue(SUCCESS)
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