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The Best of the Best Practices (BOBP) Guide for Python

A "Best of the Best Practices" (BOBP) guide to developing in Python.

In General


  • "Build tools for others that you want to be built for you." - Kenneth Reitz
  • "Simplicity is alway better than functionality." - Pieter Hintjens
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AdWords Negative Match Placements Term
* Removes placements ending in the tlds xyz, tk, and download.
* @author Dawson Reid
* @author Andrew Breen
// Top Level Domains to exclude
var TLDs = '.com';
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Out of the Crisis with Eric Ries, Brian Chesky interview (part 2)
0:00:00 this is out of the crisis I marry Chris
0:00:06 no better time than now to be an entrepreneur
0:00:11 so many of your kind of companies you know began in a crisis and in some of these conversations we've talked about why in the boom times everything gets more expensive except cost of capital in a recession it's reverse no better time than now because we are living in a collapse of society the old normal is never coming back
0:00:31 when there's a forest fire the ground becomes more fertile for the next trees to grow
0:00:37 that process of creative destruction it's not easy but it does mean that right now there is an unprecedented opportunity to shape the future we are about to see a tectonic change in the way the world operates new businesses new institutions new Norms will rule the pandemic is changed almost everything and we are living with the reality of exponential growth
0:01:03 this is an example of exponential growth gone bad like a cancer or Ponz