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Query for Mirror Content on Arweave
// GraphQL query to get the Arweave transaction ID of a Mirror post
// With the transaction ID we can use `getData()` from the Arweave JS SDK, eg.
// arweave.transactions.getData('bNbA3TEQVL60xlgCcqdz4ZPHFZ711cZ3hmkpGttDt_U').then(data => { console.log(data); });
// We can use the explorer at, which queries to test it out
// With the transaction ID we can go to the URL `<YOUR_TRANSACTION_ID>` which will render the JSON
// More details on how this works on
query GetMirrorTransactions($digest: String!) {
], sort:HEIGHT_DESC, first: 1){
edges {
node {
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coffeeandcrypto commented Aug 12, 2022

I had a whole thing written up about how this didn't work for me because of the $digest variable and then I discovered/remembered that there had to be a thing somewhere in the graphql explorer to put in variables. Once I figured that out everything worked great. Would ask/recommend that the original blog post be updated with how to use that query variable section to run this query so that everything works.

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