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Created March 8, 2018 13:28
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Paying for stuff in the netherlands

Most places dont accept visa or masterdard. They will just tell you "no creditcard accepted" even if you have a mastercard debit card. The defacto payment method for most places is just maestro (yes, welcome to 1987). So places like the supermarket close to home only accepts cash or maestro. If you dont have one ask before hand if they accept "credit card" :) Most pin machines will also have this sign if they dont accept.

Everyday shops


  • The Breakfast Club (Brunch, open all day. Try the chicken waffles)
  • Lokaal (Opens most days, good burgers good beer)
  • Loetje Oost (nice food, nice beer, try schnitzel and a beer calle affligem blond)
  • Drovers Dog (Australian restaurant, good burgers, good steaks, good cocktails. Kangaroo burger 10/10)
  • Batoni Khinkali (Georgian restaurant, good wine, good food)
  • Louie Louie (Mexican food, good cocktails. Gets crowded.)
  • Louie Louie (Mexican food, good cocktails. Gets crowded.)
  • Burgers n' Shake (Good burgers and shakes, super super cheap)
  • Brouwerij Troost Oost (Pub, good beer, good burgers)
  • Brouwerij 't IJ (Nice pub, located right next to an old wind mill)
  • Spaghetteria Zuid (Very very nice italian place, good pasta small menu and good prices)
  • Bulls and Dogs (American hotdogs joint, with AMAZING milkshakes)
  • Frango (Brazilian restaurant, good chickens and good prices)
  • Los Feliz (Best Mexican I've had in Amsterdam)
  • California Burritos (Best burritos i've ever had. Try chilli con carne burrito, no spicy sauce.)
  • Brasserie Sent (Good meats, good beers, pork steaks are top notch)
  • Coffee and Coconuts (Good place for coffee/cakes/cocktails, and very good for remote working)
  • Foodhallen ("food truck" building, full of different things to try. Bit expensive and crowded.)
  • La Perla (Good italian pizzas)
  • Winkel 43 (Dutch apple pies with coffee)
  • Tomaz (Dutch food, try the mash pot)

Cool places to go

  • Pijp Area
  • Jordaan Area
  • Vondelpark - Very nice park, super huge in posh area
  • Sarphatipark (nice park near by the flat)
  • Leiden city (50min away by train)
  • Haarlem city (30min away by train, by the beach)
  • Delft (50min away by train, very nice small city good food around)


  • OLVG Oost (Hospital)
  • Flat Landlord: Akvile Jaskunaite - +31 6 21 21 78 44
  • Friend's contact just in case: Pavlos Vinieratos - +31 6 27 23 98 22 (We've left him a spare set of keys in case you loose yours)
  • Emergency number: 112
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