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Outline of learning skills?
- Skills for learning
- Identify something to learn
- Identify a possible gap, opportunity, or goal
- Identify the next steps towards a goal
- Identify the next steps from what you know
- Ask for or receive advice from other people
- Identify learning concepts based on other resources
- Recognize learning opportunities
- Recognize multiple opportunities to learn from the same
- Follow up with questions
- Anticipate learning needs based on scenarios
- Observe what's different, unusual, or unexpected
- Break learning down
- Identify prerequisites and synergies
- Identify the smallest meaningful chunk
- Identify what you know and what you need to know
- See learning in context
- Keep your goals in mind
- Make a map
- Prioritize
- Estimate costs and benefits
- Deal with uncertainty
- Get advice from others
- Make time and space
- Let go
- Prepare
- Manage your energy and motivation
- Choose strategies and sources for learning
- Understand your learning styles
- Identify and connect with people
- Identify and learn from books or other resources
- Plan how to learn from experience
- Try things out
- Plan experiments
- Combine different strategies
- Observe and improve your learning skills
- Set aside time
- Prepare the things you need in order to learn
- Learn
- Learn from experiences
- Explore
- Deepen
- Drill
- Learn from people
- Identify potential people
- Learn from one-off connections
- Learn from regular connections
- Learn from peers
- Learn from mentors
- Learn from role models
- Learn from coaches or other professionals
- Connect with people
- Ask questions
- Listen actively
- Share your context
- Check your understanding
- Accept feedback or advice
- Share results
- Learn from resources
- Identify and learn from relevant resources
- Search
- Browse
- Follow "information scent"
- Understand research
- Understand and use models
- Research multiple perspectives
- Read critically and evaluate information for reliability
- Get your thoughts out of your head
- Take notes
- Phrase it in your own words
- Capture key information
- Highlight and review
- Identify action items
- Keep a journal or notebook
- Organize your learning
- Map what you are learning
- Create outlines
- Create diagrams
- Identify further gaps
- Resolve conflicts
- Examine processes, habits, assumptions, and conclusions
- Correct your course
- Set up feedback loops
- Get internal feedback
- Get feedback from people
- Evaluate your strategy
- Tweak your strategy
- Remember what you learn
- Review your notes
- Recognize situations to use your learning
- Associate other things you know
- Look up what you have learned
- Recall what you have learned
- Use memory aids
- Use spaced repetition study systems
- Use memory hooks
- Apply what you learn
- Plan how to successfully apply what you learn
- Apply what you learn in a similar context
- Apply what you learn in a different context
- Examine and evaluate previous knowledge
- Combine with other things you know
- Share what you learn
- Summarize what you have learned
- Share resources
- Create resources
- Translate for less experienced learners
- Map your learning
- Reorganize your learning
- Simplify
- Translate for a different audience
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