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Created Jan 7, 2015
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# key: sbook
# name: Sketched Book
# --
**** TOSKETCH ${1:short title}
:TITLE: ${2:long title}
:AUTHOR: ${3:authors}
:YEAR: ${4:year}
:BUY_LINK: ${5:Amazon link}
:BASENAME: ${6:`(org-read-date nil nil ".")`} Sketched Book - ${2:$(sacha/convert-sketch-title-to-filename yas-text)} - ${3:$(sacha/convert-sketch-title-to-filename yas-text)}
:ISBN: ${7:ISBN}
***** TODO Sketchnote $1
:Effort: 2:00
[[elisp:sacha/prepare-sketchnote-file][Prepare the file]]
***** TODO Write personal reflection for $1
:Effort: 1:00
[[][View in calendar]]
****** Sketched Book - $2 - $3
$3's /$2/ ($4) ...
I’ve sketched the key points of the book below to make it easier to remember and share. Click on the image for a larger version that you can print if you want.
Haven't read the book yet? You can [[$5][buy it from Amazon]] (affiliate link) or get it from your favourite book sources.
Like this sketch? Check out [[][]] for more. Feel free to share – it’s under the Creative Commons Attribution License, like the rest of my blog.
***** TODO Post $1 to blog
:Effort: 1:00
:QUANTIFIED: Packaging
***** TODO Update sketched books collection
:Effort: 1:00
:QUANTIFIED: Packaging
1. [[elisp:sacha/index-sketched-book][Index sketched book]]
- [[file:~/Dropbox/Packaging/sketched-books/][Edit index]]
- [[file:~/Dropbox/Packaging/sketched-books/][Edit ebook]]
2. [[elisp:sacha/package-sketched-book][Compile]]
3. Update [[]]
***** TODO Tweet sneak peek of $1 with attached picture
[[elisp:(progn (kill-new (format "Sneak peek: Sketched Book: %s - %s %s" (org-entry-get-with-inheritance "SHORT_TITLE") (org-entry-get-with-inheritance "AUTHOR") (org-entry-get-with-inheritance "BLOG_POST"))) (browse-url ""))][Copy text and launch Twitter]]
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