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Created December 25, 2014 05:33
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  • What are outlines good for?
    • Capturing thoughts quickly
    • Writing non-linearly
    • Roughly organizing your thoughts
    • Deciding depth and coverage
    • Rearranging them for a more logical flow
    • Writing quickly
    • Picking things up where you left off
    • Seeing the gaps
    • Simplifying
  • Different types of outlines I’m interested in
    • The outline for a single thought
      • Key point
      • Supporting points
      • Organizing any research, observations
      • Flow
      • See what doesn’t fit (focus, length) - stash in snippet
      • Transforming the outline into text
      • Practice: check flow, try permutations
    • Reverse outlines
      • My own
        • Revising
        • Picking out key points in the middle of prose
        • Org Mode
      • Dissecting other people’s work
    • Outlines for linking posts or making summaries
      • Challenges
        • Building on previous knowledge, no need to restate everything
        • Different levels of writing
      • Like writing a program with functions
      • Related posts
      • Practice:
        • Manually recommend more related posts based on index and memory
        • Write other-oriented posts that summarize
    • Outlines for larger pieces
      • Challenges
        • Motivation
          • I tend to focus on the parts that are interesting for me
          • I prefer to write close to the ground
      • Seeing the gaps
      • Practice:
        • Write longer resources (ex: 10-30 pages)
    • Outlines for lifelong learning
      • Track areas for exploration
        • Active edges, inactive edges, intersections
      • Keep found things found
      • High-level overview
      • Challenge: combining past, present, and future
      • Practice:
        • Sort out a regular review process?
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