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related-products.liquid for sectioned themes
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ghost commented May 5, 2018

Sadie, can't thank you enough for your incredible coding that really makes the already awesome Shopify themes even better. Making Brooklyn better than a premium theme is always my goal :)
thank you!

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missjessica commented Feb 9, 2019

Hey, Shopify won't let me save the file when I paste these contents into my related-products.liquid file. It Tells me there's an error in line 129; it says, "Liquid syntax error: Unknown tag 'schema' "
screen shot 2019-02-09 at 4 35 34 pm

I cleared out the file before pasting into it, (per the instructions I found here: and no luck. Maybe they updated their core and things aren't interacting the same as when you published this?

Any help you could provide would be amazing, but I realize that you may not be employed by Shopify and are just sharing your code out of the kindness of your heart. Either way, thank you for sharing. You've helped me and countless other Shopify nerds. :)

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