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git bash inside Webstorm terminal

Go to File -> Settings -> Tools -> Terminal and change Shell path based on the the installed git version.

for 64bit:

"C:\Program Files\Git\bin\sh.exe" --login -i

for 32bit:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin\sh.exe" --login -i

Don't forget the quotes around the command.

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chennol commented Jun 12, 2018

Really helpful, thanks

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mingzhang6 commented Jun 15, 2018

Thanks !

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TheKingDave commented Jul 24, 2018

Thanks! Really helpful!

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DeruiDENG commented Sep 25, 2018


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emelyanovIgor commented Oct 17, 2018


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bahmanian commented Aug 22, 2019

Thanks dude

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vishal7bohara commented Nov 2, 2019

You're Awesome!

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Tonacatecuhtli commented Nov 25, 2019

Thanks :)

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msardic commented Apr 2, 2020

thank you! it's work

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Abszissex commented Apr 19, 2020

so awesome, THANKS! :-)

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igorissen commented Apr 20, 2020

I've used only "sh.exe" and it's working perfectly. What's the meaning of --login -i ?


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cahergil commented Dec 5, 2020


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aleksgenius commented Dec 31, 2020

Thatks, it's really helps me!

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davidgfitzgerald commented Jan 6, 2021


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iamtheasad commented Jan 12, 2021

Wow! It's worked for me....

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CKhemmar commented Feb 6, 2021

Thank you very much!

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a-c1998 commented Apr 15, 2021


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Chernukha21 commented Apr 26, 2021


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tsundara commented May 28, 2021

Note that :

  • You have to use : C:\Users\youruserid\AppData\Local\Programs\Git\bin\bash.exe
  • Do NOT use : C:\Users\youruserid\AppData\Local\Programs\Git\git-bash.exe

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AnastasiiaVashchuk commented Jun 4, 2021


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Jenny1998 commented Jul 20, 2021


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bikashKatwal commented Jul 29, 2021


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igorzinar commented Oct 13, 2021

Thank you !!!!!

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anasbakro commented Nov 14, 2021

Thank you !!!!!

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rlarin commented Nov 15, 2021

Thanks! 👍

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rlaace423 commented Nov 24, 2021

Thanks. I've used only "sh.exe" and it's working perfectly. What's the meaning of --login -i ?


It source your .bash_profile.

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fedorgerasimov commented Feb 8, 2022

It works. Thank you!

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bamajap commented Mar 12, 2022

Just an FYI, but an alias for --login -i (interactive login) is to simply specify -li

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OrShalmayev commented Mar 22, 2022


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Hkrie commented Apr 4, 2022


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