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Simple program to interact with authd via the macOS authorization API Raw
import Foundation
let rightname = "sys.openfile.readonly./tmp/cantread.txt"
var status: OSStatus
var authref: AuthorizationRef?
let flags = AuthorizationFlags([.interactionAllowed, .extendRights, .preAuthorize])
status = AuthorizationCreate(nil, nil, flags, &authref)
assert(status == errAuthorizationSuccess)
var item = AuthorizationItem(name: rightname, valueLength: 0, value: nil, flags: 0)
var rights = AuthorizationRights(count: 1, items: &item)
status = AuthorizationCopyRights(authref!, &rights, nil, flags, nil)
assert(status == errAuthorizationSuccess)
var token = AuthorizationExternalForm()
status = AuthorizationMakeExternalForm(authref!, &token)
assert(status == errAuthorizationSuccess)
let data = NSData(bytes: &token.bytes, length: kAuthorizationExternalFormLength)
data.write(toFile: "./token", atomically: true)
print("External form written to ./token")
print("Press enter to quit")
let _ = readLine()
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