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Last active November 25, 2015 04:12
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// We will be using jQuery to manipulate DOM elements for the chat.
var $ = require('jquery');
// Manages the state of our access token we got from the server
var accessManager;
// Our interface to the IP Messaging service
var messagingClient;
// The object we are going to export as this module
module.exports = {
printMessage: function(msg, by) {
var p = $('<p>').text(msg);
if (by) {
p.prepend($('<span class="message-by">').text(by + ': '));
} else {
// Connect to the Twilio IP Messaging API and set up the chat app
initializeChat: function(identity) {
// Get an access token for the current user, passing a username (identity)
// and a device ID - for browser-based apps, we'll always just use the
// value "browser"
$.getJSON('/token', {
identity: identity,
device: 'browser'
}, function(data) {
// Initialize the IP messaging client
accessManager = new Twilio.AccessManager(data.token);
messagingClient = new Twilio.IPMessaging.Client(accessManager);
setupChannel: function() {
// Get the general chat channel, which is where all the messages are
// sent in this application
var promise = messagingClient.getChannelByUniqueName('general');
promise.then(function(channel) { = channel;
if (! {
// If it doesn't exist, let's create it
uniqueName: 'general',
friendlyName: 'General Chat Channel'
}).then(function(channel) { = channel;
} else {
// Set up channel after it has been found
setListeners: function() {
var onMessageAdded = function(newMessage) {
// Join the general channel {
// Listen for new messages sent to the channel
channel.on('messageAdded', onMessageAdded);
// Function that will be called in order to join the chat with a given username.
// This calls initializeChat after
join: function(username) {
$('.input input').attr('placeholder', 'type in to chat').blur();
// If the IP Messaging channel doesn't exist yet, initialize it.
if(! {
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