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Last active January 24, 2019 21:27
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Simple PowerShell function to retrieve Cloudflare Zones on an account
Quick PowerShell function to obtain your CloudFlare Zones using the v4 API
This function is to obtain a list of zones on your CloudFlare account
You can then use the returned id for other CloudFlare API calls.
Obtain your API token here:
This is typically the e-mail you login to the CloudFlare Dashboard with.
C:\Temp> Get-CFZones -Token your-api-key -E-Mail your@email.address
Author: Sterling Hammer @CDLHamma -
function Get-CFZones {
param (
[Parameter(Mandatory = $true)]
[Parameter(Mandatory = $true)]
$APIURI = ''
#Build required header for authentication
$Headers = @{
'X-Auth-Key' = $Token
'X-Auth-Email' = $EMail
$Zones = Invoke-RestMethod -Headers $Headers -Uri $APIURI/zones
$ZoneOutput = @()
foreach ($zone in $Zones.result) {
$ZoneOutput += [PSCustomObject]@{
"Id" = $
"Name" = $
"Status" = $Zone.status
"Paused" = $Zone.paused
"Name Servers" = $Zone.name_servers
Write-Output $ZoneOutput
$APIToken = "your-api-key"
$AccountEmail = "your@e-mail.address"
#Grab a list of CloudFlare Zones on your account
Get-CFZones -Token $APIToken -EMail $AccountEmail
#Grab a specific Zone ID - this will be used in other CloudFlare API Calls
(Get-CFZones -Token $APIToken -EMail $AccountEmail |where Name -eq
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