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// Call with decorateUrl('', 'UA-12345-1');
// Outputs the URL string with the Universal Analytics cross-domain linker in place.
// Tracking ID is optional. If you leave it out, the linker will be built
// with the settings of the first tracker found on the page.
function decorateUrl(urlString, trackingId) {
var ga = window[window['GoogleAnalyticsObject']];
if (ga && ga.getAll) {
var trackers = ga.getAll().filter(function(t) {
return trackingId ? t.get('trackingId') === trackingId : true;
var tracker = trackers.length ? trackers[0] : undefined;
if (tracker) {
urlString = new window.gaplugins.Linker(tracker).decorate(urlString);
return urlString;
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