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Heroku cheatsheet #herkoku #cheatsheet #herkoku cheatsheet

Heroku commands

# You can add heroku remote to any exiting repo via:
git remote add heroku <url_from_heroku_panel_for_desired_app>
git push heroku master

# To publish any other branch to heroku's master branch (only master brach in heroku's remote is published)
git push heroku my_local_branch:master

set app simple-app-11-10                    #Set variable `app` in bash, and now you can use it like that ->
# or use simple syntax:

heroku rollback v10 -a $app                 #Rollback to any previous version, say v10 in this command.
heroku releases -a $app                     #View all releases for an app.
heroku logs -a $app                         #View logs an app.
heroku login                                #Logs you in via browser login.
heroku create --region eu simple-app-11-10
echo "web: npm start" > Procfile             #Create Procfile (generally required).
heroku authorizations:create                 #Generate token for heroku profile via cli, yikes!.
heroku apps                                  #To know about associated apps with current account.

# run the project locally
heroku local web

# command to login the remote bash of the project you are in
heroku run bash

heroku ps:scale web=1
heroku ps:scale web=0

Some shell scripts I made lately -

export heroku_app=simple-app-11-10

# h_createProcfile is aliased to `echo "web: npm start" > Procfile'
# ha is aliased to `heroku apps'
# hl is aliased to `heroku logs -a $heroku_app'
# hlt is aliased to `heroku logs --tail'
# # USAGE: hro some-version
# hlo is aliased to `heroku login'
# hre is aliased to `heroku releases -a $heroku_app'
# hro is aliased to `heroku rollback $@ -a $heroku_app'
# # LEARN: To set nodejs as buildpacks for heroku -
# heroku buildpacks:set heroku/nodejs
# # FYI: You can set this buildpack setting via 'Setings' tab in you heroku panel as well.


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