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What would you like to do? wrapper for profiler use
* @constructor
function Profiler() {
* Uses the best resolution timer that is currently available.
* The return value of this can only be used for measuring the time interval,
* and *MUST NOT* be used to get the absolute current time.
* Make sure now to change any global variable/state. (Do not override the window.performance object,
* but just maintain a reference to the browser function if you just want to use it)
* @return {Number}
Profiler.time = (function() {
var perf = window.performance || {};
var fn = || perf.mozNow || perf.webkitNow || perf.msNow || perf.oNow;
// fn.bind will be available in all the browsers that support the advanced window.performance... ;-)
return fn ? fn.bind(perf) : function() { return new Date().getTime(); };
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