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We can make this file beautiful and searchable if this error is corrected: No commas found in this CSV file in line 0.
FileName Condition
Control_H-02_2000153953.gpr Control
Control_H-25_2000153952.gpr Control
Control_H-35_2000153943.gpr Control
Control_H-58_2000153935.gpr Control
Control_HC-25_2000153932.gpr Control
Grade II_CF 10729_2000154012.gpr Grade2
Grade II_CF 20468_2000153947.gpr Grade2
Grade II_CF 29538_2000154020.gpr Grade2
Grade II_CF 8551_2000153940.gpr Grade2
Grade II_CH 13717_2000144447.gpr Grade2
Grade II_CH 27095_2000154014.gpr Grade2
Grade II_CH 32225_2000154033.gpr Grade2
Grade II_CJ 16084_2000153931.gpr Grade2
Grade II_CJ 17734_2000154015.gpr Grade2
Grade II_CJ 33350_2000144452.gpr Grade2
Grade II_CJ 7132_2000154028.gpr Grade2
Grade II_CK 40_2000144445.gpr Grade2
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