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Google dork cheatsheet

Google dork cheatsheet

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allintext Searches for occurrences of all the keywords given. allintext:"keyword"
intext Searches for the occurrences of keywords all at once or one at a time. intext:"keyword"
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allinurl Searches for a URL matching all the keywords in the query. allinurl:"keyword"
intitle Searches for occurrences of keywords in title all or one. intitle:"keyword"
Running Steam on ubuntu 18.04 64-bit
STEAM_RUNTIME is enabled automatically
Pins up-to-date!
Steam client's requirements are satisfied
WARNING: Using default/fallback debugger launch
[2021-05-15 14:37:26] Startup - updater built Apr 12 2021 18:51:36
Looks like steam didn't shutdown cleanly, scheduling immediate update check
[2021-05-15 14:37:27] Using the following download hosts for Public, Realm steamglobal
[2021-05-15 14:37:27] 1., /client/, Realm 'steamglobal', weight was 100, source = 'update_hosts_cached.vdf'
Computer Information:
Manufacturer: Unknown
Model: Unknown
Form Factor: Desktop
No Touch Input Detected
Processor Information:
CPU Vendor: GenuineIntel
CPU Brand: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2120 CPU @ 3.30GHz
CPU Family: 0x6