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.gitignore file for a general web project - Bare Minimum Git
# -----------------------------------------------------------------
# .gitignore
# Bare Minimum Git
# ver 20220128
# From the root of your project run
# curl -O
# to download this file
# This file is tailored for a general web project, it
# is NOT optimized for a WordPress project. See
# for a WordPress specific .gitignore
# This file specifies intentionally untracked files to ignore
# The purpose of gitignore files is to ensure that certain files not
# tracked by Git remain untracked.
# To ignore uncommitted changes in a file that is already tracked,
# use `git update-index --assume-unchanged`.
# To stop tracking a file that is currently tracked,
# use `git rm --cached`
# Change Log:
# 20220128 unignore .nvmrc
# 20210211 unignore .env.example
# 20190705 ignore private/secret files
# 20181206 remove trailing whitespaces
# 20180714 unignore .phpcs.xml.dist
# 20170502 unignore composer.lock
# 20170502 ignore components loaded via Bower
# 20150326 ignore jekyll build directory `/_site`
# 20150324 Reorganized file to list ignores first and whitelisted last,
# change WordPress .gitignore link to preferred gist,
# add curl line for quick installation
# ignore composer files (vendor directory and lock file)
# 20140606 Add .editorconfig as a tracked file
# 20140418 remove explicit inclusion
# of (this is not an ignored file by default)
# 20140407 Initially Published
# -----------------------------------------------------------------
# ignore all files starting with . or ~
# ignore node/grunt dependency directories
# ignore composer vendor directory
# ignore components loaded via Bower
# ignore jekyll build directory
# ignore OS generated files
# ignore Editor files
# ignore log files and databases
# ignore compiled files
# ignore packaged files
# ignore private/secret files
# --------------------------------------------------------
# BEGIN Explictly Allowed Files (i.e. do NOT ignore these)
# --------------------------------------------------------
# track these files, if they exist
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fredgrott commented Dec 1, 2017

Thanks for posting this as I was looking for exactly this gitignore file....switched from native java android coding to web and design and did not have an adequate gitignore setup for web projects

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juanma386 commented Jul 6, 2018

WooOoow, very good, thanks.

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5pid3rm3n commented Oct 7, 2018


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JohannesBe commented Jul 5, 2019

Please add a section for secrets (e.g. .pem, .key files etc)

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salcode commented Jul 5, 2019

@JohannesBe thanks for the feedback, this is a good idea

Off the top of my head it seems we should add the following


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juanpabloisabella commented Jul 22, 2020


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PotLid commented Jul 27, 2020

Thanks for the sharing!

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titelplusplus commented Jan 8, 2021

Thanks for the sharing. I will try this file and send you feedback. It looks very good. ;-)

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YashTotale commented Jan 13, 2021

This is great! I think adding .DS_Store in a misc category would be a good idea 😄

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salcode commented Jan 14, 2021

Hi @YashTotale,

I believe

# ignore all files starting with . or ~

should ignore .DS_Store. If you are seeing any different behavior let me know.

One note is that if you've added a file (e.g. .DS_Store) to your Git repo before you add this .gitignore, the file will not be ignored because it is already part of the repo.

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YashTotale commented Jan 14, 2021

Oh, I glossed over that section. Thanks!

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version0chiro commented Feb 11, 2021

Should we add .env to it too? Like I am new to .gitignore usage so I just had that doubt.

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salcode commented Feb 11, 2021


Yes, .env should be excluded. See Should I add .env to .gitignore?.

In this case, I'm ignoring all files that start with a period with a few exceptions (you can read more about this technique at .gitignore Hidden Files with Exceptions).

Reviewing this made me realize, I had not added .env.example to my list of allowed files that start with a period (.), so I've updated this .gitignore - thanks.

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WaleedTariq109 commented Aug 5, 2021

Thank you soo much! This is really helpfull.

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