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Checklist for Design to Development Handoff

Developer Pre-Design Questions

[ ] Do you have a preferred grid system? || I'd like to use this grid system.
[ ] What fonts do we have available to us? || I'd like to use this font (and include a URL).

Checklist before Handoff to Development

[ ] Provide a style guide for body copy
[ ] Design is based on a responsive grid system
[ ] PSDs at the largest screen size with grid system guides/overlays
[ ] Design accommodates the length of copy growing
[ ] Design supports using code where possible rather than images (buttons, backgrounds, svgs, etc.)
[ ] Remove any unused layers in the PSD
[ ] Label layers appropriately
[ ] Group layers according to sections (header, footer, content, etc.)
[ ] Design uses no more than one custom font
[ ] Provide name of custom font and URL for where to find it online

Above and Beyond

[ ] Use the developer's preferred grid system
[ ] For each CMS editable image, include a layer that has a placeholder image with the dimensions on it
[ ] Color code layers in PSD where appropriate


Sal Ferrarello - @salcode
Iron Code Studio

Design Checklist to Make Developers Love You
Version: 20151203
Available at:

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