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Script to (1) default the Country code to "US" if it's in the Salsa form, or (2) append a Country code field with a value of "US".
<script type="text/javascript">
// See
// Actor. Changes the value of any empty Country codes to "US".
// If there's not a country code, then one is appeneded to the Salsa
// <form> tag. The appended country code is also defaulted to "US".
function actor() {
var country = $('*[name=Country]');
if (country.length == 0) {
var form = $('.salsa form');
if (form.length > 0) {
form.append('<input type="hidden" name="Country" value="US"/>');
} else {
if (country.val().length == 0) {
// If we're on the letter page, then invoke the actor.
// This gets called on a timer. The timer is cleared when
// after the actor runs.
var checkExist = null;
function recipientChecker() {
if ($('.recipient').length > 0) {
if (checkExist != null) {
$(document).ready(function() {
if (RegExp('action_KEY=\\d+').test(window.location.href)) {
// For blind targeted actions and petitions.
// For targeted actions. We must wait for the letter page to
// appear to invoke the actor.
checkExist = setInterval(recipientChecker, 200);
} else {
// Non-action pages.
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