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Did you know that mapbox-gl-native supports high resolution exports? It's true. Follow these steps to enable.

  1. Open the console.
  2. Check out mapbox gl native with git clone
  3. Run make render which kicks off the build process for a CLI tool for making images. After make render succeeds, the CLI tool will be located at ./build/macos/Debug/mbgl-render.
  4. Type ./build/macos/Debug/mbgl-render in the console. If you press return without any arguments, you'll see help output:
Allowed options:
  -s [ --style ] json                 Map stylesheet
  -x [ --lon ] degrees (=0)           Longitude
  -y [ --lat ] degrees (=0)           Latitude in degrees
  -z [ --zoom ] number (=0)           Zoom level
  -b [ --bearing ] degrees (=0)       Bearing
  -p [ --pitch ] degrees (=0)         Pitch
  -w [ --width ] pixels (=512)        Image width
  -h [ --height ] pixels (=512)       Image height
  -r [ --ratio ] number (=1)          Image scale factor
  -c [ --class ] name                 Class name
  -t [ --token ] key                  Mapbox access token
  --debug                             Debug mode
  -o [ --output ] file (=out.png)     Output file name
  -d [ --cache ] file (=cache.sqlite) Cache database file name
  -d [ --assets ] file (=.)           Directory to which asset:// URLs will 
  1. Download the style JSON you want to make an image from.
  2. Make sure there's a valid MAPBOX_ACCESS_TOKEN env variable in your terminal instance. Best to add one to your bash_profile, but can also be added by typing export MAPBOX_ACCESS_TOKEN={yourtoken} and pressing return.
  3. use the command with at the minimum, the -s argument to point to the path to your style JSON, the -r argument to make the image high resolution, and the -o argument to save the output to a file. For example, ./build/macos/Debug/mbgl-render -s ~/standard/style.json -r 3 -z 4 -o ~/standard/img.png gives me this nice high resolution image of null island:



  • Printing Mapbox maps is subject to the Mapbox TOS.
  • Check out our gallery of designer maps: – it's possible to print these .
  • The render command will automatically use fonts and icons from api styles, at the right resolution. No extra work required to get high res icons.
  • It's possible to make an alias for the render function so you can use it anywhere. Add alias rendermap='~/path/to/repos/mapbox-gl-native/build/macos/Debug/mbgl-render' to your bash profile. Once you've done that, you can use rendermap -s ./style.json.
  • Right now this is undocumented in mapbox gl native.
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