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Forked from anonymous/IonicPush
Created Jul 11, 2015
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.controller('DashCtrl', function($window, $rootScope, $scope, $ionicPlatform, $rootScope, $cordovaPush, $ionicUser, $ionicPush, $ionicLoading) {
Parse.initialize("eWhdkaASJ2BVx7oFd0o5fBk6ZtBZ3KVRXduOH1D7", "cPH2rkZ1hrFjPbF8qNjwIYATrV3CXWdKUWlC40ro");
user_id: $ionicUser.generateGUID(),
// OR, user the device's UUID
//user_id: device.uuid
canShowAlert: true, //Should new pushes show an alert on your screen?
canSetBadge: true, //Should new pushes be allowed to update app icon badges?
canPlaySound: true, //Should notifications be allowed to play a sound?
canRunActionsOnWake: true, // Whether to run auto actions outside the app,
onNotification: function(notification) {
alert("Notification aaya hai!\n"+JSON.stringify(notification))
$rootScope.$on('$cordovaPush:tokenReceived', function(event, data) {
alert('Got token '+ data.token +' Platform: '+ data.platform);
// Do something with the token
var newFriend = Parse.Object.extend('userListTutorial');
alert("Parse extended");
var friend = new newFriend();
alert("friend created, now saving");{regid: data.token}).then(function(object){
alert("Saved to Parse!");
},function(obj, err){
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