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Setup multi scene rendering
# made in answer to
import bpy
master_render_scene_name = 'Multi_render'
base_path = '//renders/'
if master_render_scene_name not in
masterScene =[master_render_scene_name]
masterScene.use_nodes = True
masterNodeTree = masterScene.node_tree
for n in masterNodeTree.nodes:
fileNode ='CompositorNodeOutputFile')
fileNode.base_path = base_path
fileNode.format.file_format = 'PNG'
fileNode.format.color_mode = 'RGBA'
for s in fileNode.file_slots:
nspacing = 40
nx = (len(*nspacing)/2
for scn in
if == master_render_scene_name:
sp = scn.render.filepath.replace(base_path,'')
fs =
rl ='CompositorNodeRLayers')
rl.scene = scn
rl.hide = True
rl.location.x = -300
rl.location.y = nx
nx -= nspacing['Image'], fs)
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