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Last active December 2, 2022 21:40
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Craft 3 gain access to admin account for support cases or when owner loses access
Resets the username, password, and email address
of the first found Admin account in case of
lost admin access or for support cases.
{% set values = {
username: 'me',
email: '',
passwordResetRequired: 0
} %}
{% set where = {
id: craft.query().select('id').from('{{%users}}').where({admin: 1}).scalar()
} %}
{% set rowsAffected = craft.query()
.update('{{%users}}', values, where)
Rows affected: {{ rowsAffected }}
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Replace 'users' with '{{%users}}'

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Thanks dude!

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This is great, thanks man. You might wanna add passwordResetRequired: 0. It didn't work for me until I added that line under email:. I checked Require a password reset on next login by mistake

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@Siyabulela thanks for that! updated

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