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Last active July 21, 2022 06:00
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Craft CMS v3, MAMP, and mysqldump for database backups
* Yii Application Config
* File: /config/app.php OR /config/app.web.php
* This is an example of how to enable the MAMP helper module.
return [
'modules' => [
'mamp-helper' => \modules\MampHelper::class,
'bootstrap' => ['mamp-helper'],
namespace modules;
use Craft;
* MAMP Helper class.
* File: /modules/MampHelper.php
* MySQL database backups triggered from the Craft 3 Control Panel fail because,
* by default, Craft expects to use `mysqldump` in an `exec()` command. In MAMP,
* `mysqldump` is not available to PHP in the `PATH` env variable. A few Google
* searches will surface some solutions that work for some people, not for others.
* Craft provides two configuration options to help with this: `backupCommand`
* and `restoreCommand`. With these you can add your own commands and use tokens
* for parameters like `{password}` for the database password or `{file}` for
* the destination file in the `/storage/backups` directory. These commands
* will override Craft's default commands, but using them requires specific
* knowlege about MySQL command line usage.
* This module helps by taking Craft's default commands, altering them to point
* to MAMP's executables (`msyql` and `mysqldump`), then adds them to the
* config under the appropriate keys, `backupCommand` and `restoreCommand`.
* Drop this file in your `/modules` directory. Then in `/config/app.php`
* (or `/config/` if you prefer) make it look like this:
* ```
* return [
* 'modules' => [
* 'mamp-helper' => \modules\MampHelper::class,
* ],
* 'bootstrap' => ['mamp-helper'],
* ];
* ```
* Be sure not to step on previously existing modules, of course.
* Now you should be able to upgrade with backups, restore, and generate
* backups without MAMP hacks.
class MampHelper extends \yii\base\Module
* Initializes the module.
public function init()
// Only on CP request, using mysql, and MAMP exists
if (
Craft::$app->request->getIsCpRequest() &&
Craft::$app->config->db->driver === 'mysql' &&
) {
// Set the general config 'backupCommand' to Craft's own
// default backup command, just with the full path to
// MAMP's `mysqldump` executable.
Craft::$app->config->general->backupCommand = str_replace(
// Set the general config 'restoreCommand' to Craft's own
// default restore command, just with the full path to
// MAMP's `mysql` executable.
Craft::$app->config->general->restoreCommand = str_replace(
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