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Last active December 28, 2018 13:53
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Laravel Faker Tutorial
git clone
cd laravel-faker-tutorial
docker-compose up -d
# Instale as dependencias
docker exec TUT-7.2.x-webserver composer install
# Copie o arquivo .env e altere para acessar seu banco
cp public_html/.env.example public_html/.env
# Altere os parametros do arquivo .env
# DB_HOST=TUT-5.6-mysql
# DB_PORT=3306
# DB_PASSWORD=password
# Gere a chave
docker exec TUT-7.2.x-webserver php artisan key:generate
# De as permissoes necessaria nas pastas
docker exec TUT-7.2.x-webserver chmod 777 -R storage/ bootstrap/cache
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