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Last active Aug 23, 2021
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transcode-video installation Windows

Transcoding video on Windows, the Don Melton way

Don Melton provides some amazing scripts that wrap HandBrake to produce high quality, portable versions of Blu Ray rips. The tools Don provides are written in Ruby, and they're packaged as a Ruby Gem. All the tools are cross platform, requiring only the Ruby runtime to be installed. But they do depend on external programs to get anything useful done. These dependencies are cross platform as well, but Windows has no standard package management system (de facto or otherwise), so installing these dependencies for Windows can be a bit of a pain. But it is possible! Here's how


  • HandBrakeCLI
    Get version 1.0.1
  • ffmpeg, the actual download page for Windows is here
    Get the 3.2.2 'static' release.
  • mkvtoolnix, the actual download page is here
    Download the 9.7.1 portable version. It's packaged as a .7z file, I'd recommend using 7zip to open these files
  • MPlayer r37905, the actual download page is here
    I've had problems with some version of MPlayer, so I'd recommend using exactly this version. The direct link to download it is here
  • MP4v2
    Functional Windows binaries for this are hard to find, I've been using this one. If anyone knows of a more official binary, please let me know
  • RubyInstaller 2.2.6


  1. Run the RubyInstaller to install Ruby and be sure to have "Add to path" ticked when you install.

  2. Create C:\bin and add it to your PATH

  3. From the Handbrake zip file extract HandBrakeCLI.exe to C:\bin

  4. From the ffmpeg zip extract bin/ffmpeg.exe to C:\bin

  5. From the MKVToolNix 7z extract mkvpropedit.exe and the data directory to C:\bin

  6. From the MP4v2 7z extract libmp4v2.dll and mp4track.exe to C:\bin

  7. From the MPlayer 7z extract mplayer.exe and the mplayer directory to C:\bin
    C:\bin should now contain:

    • data/
    • mplayer/
    • ffmpeg.exe
    • HandBrakeCLI.exe
    • libmp4v2.dll
    • mkvpropedit.exe
    • mp4track.exe
    • mplayer.exe
  8. Open CMD and type gem install video_transcoding

Be sure to give the README a thorough read, as it contains an enourmous amount of information about how to use the tools.

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JMoVS commented Jan 17, 2017

how does one add something to "PATH"?

Create C:\bin and add it to your PATH

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samhutchins commented Jan 17, 2017

Adding a folder to your PATH in Windows 10

  • Right click start menu
  • Open Control Panel
  • Search "Path"
  • Click "Edit system environment variables"
  • Click "Environment variables" buttin in lower right of the new window
  • In the system variables box find path, click to select it
  • Click "Edit" button

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dot19408 commented Feb 3, 2017

Sorry, total noob here.
How do you actually launch the script?

C:\Users\ME>video-transcode --mp4 --crop detect "C:\PATH\Guardians of the Galaxy.mp4" --output "C:\PATH\done"
'video-transcode' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

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OspreyPrey commented Feb 14, 2017

You have it backwards. "transcode-video" is the name of the command.

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