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Number Commit
1 PICARD-851: Correctly update parent items on save
2 PICARD-855: Adds errorhandler for missing meta-data
3 PICARD-857: Add themeing support for GNOME-3 and remove deprecated checks
4 Remove quotes from theme name
5 Add support for nosetests
6 PICARD-857: Remove deprecated checks and add…
7 PICARD-546,287: Add support for tag removal
8 Add removable tags
9 Fix formatting errors
10 Make parent variable to avoid multiple function calls
11 Remove unnecessary whitespace
12 Make error handling more specific
13 Correct the indentation
14 Update caa options .ui file to add additional checkbox
15 Update interface options .ui file to add additional checkbox
16 Port Picard to Qt5
17 Recreate infodialog and shift ArtworkTable class to appropriate file
18 Remove unused function
19 PEP8 Fixes
20 Add support for more complex deletions
21 Add tests to check for complex tag deletion
22 Fetch max filename length from system for unix
23 Dockerize the Travis build
24 Refactor apev2 deletion
25 Refactor asf deletion
26 Refactor id3 deletion
27 Refactor mp4 deletion
28 Refactor vorbis deletion
29 PEP8 Fixes
30 Refactor and fix formatting
31 Fix dconf key and remove redundant code
32 Fix indentation and remove unnecessary variables
33 Rename 'save_only_front_image_to_tags' appropriately
34 Add upgrade hooks
35 Add supports_tag method to apev
36 Add supports_tag method to vorbis
37 Add supports_tag method to wav
38 Display only supported tags in metadata box
39 Show only supported tags in edit tag dialog
40 Add ignore existing acoustid option to UI
41 Add config logic for ignore acoust id option
42 Add support for ignoring existing acoustid fingerprint
43 Implement case-insensitive move_additional_files
44 Make new_file variable ony after checking if old file exists
45 Refactor supports_tag method
46 Remove wav specific supports_tag
47 Rename ignore_existing_acoustid to something more appropriate
48 Add checks for path names and ignore hidden files
49 Add restore default button to options
50 PICARD-834: Properly handle ValueErrors in case of invalid length attribute
51 Add confirmation dialog boxes with information for reset settings
52 Add accelerator to Reset Defaults button
53 PICARD-748 Fix duplication of tag fields in mp3 files
54 Improve mp3 tag deletion
55 PICARD-865: Add limit to length in $num
56 Fix performer removal for id3 2.3/2.4 compatibility
57 Fix function call for items
58 Change check for supports_tag in apev/vorbis
59 Change supports_tag in id3 to add user text tags
60 PICARD-864: Add support for autodetection of supported file formats
61 Remove OggAudio and OggVideo functions from options while checking supported format
62 Add error to log and refactor code
63 Show error messages in error instead of debug log
64 Refactor the guess_format method
65 Remove redundant code
66 Improve filters for format classes to be more generic
67 Refactor code and fix spelling
68 Change the ui label to reflect case insensitivity
69 Refactor open and guess_format methods
70 Add tests for guess_format
71 Add proper test mp3 file
72 Improve the open method to include magic number format guessing
73 Try magic number detection even if no extension
74 Add error messages to log
75 Add space before parentheses
76 Add cleanup of temp files
77 Fix test cleanup
78 Code refactoring and removal of unused variables
79 Add id3 specific deletion tests
80 Fix performer duplication in id3v23
81 PICARD-868:Fix TMOO frame not being saved
82 Updated performer duplication fix
83 Add tests to check for performer duplication
84 Remove contrib/plugins from repo
85 Add tests to check id3v23 compatibility
86 Minor changes to function names
87 Add keyboard shortcuts for tag editing
88 Add translator's context for new tag shortcuts
89 Add UI options for auto-clustering new files
90 Implement auto-clustering of new files
91 Cluster files only once files have been loaded
92 Display shortcut keys in context menu
93 Update tests to remove unsupported AIFF tags
94 PICARD-876: Fix tag display in metadatabox
95 PICARD-207: Add to preserve tags list from metadatabox context menu
96 Add ui options to add files recursively
97 Update recursively_add_files logic for config save
98 Update add_directory to fetch files non-recursively
99 Add files to 'Pending Files' status on Lookup action
100 Remove extra clear_pending call
101 Add additional checks while adding files and add to debug log
102 Shift add recursively option to advanced page
103 Fix selected_tags getter and filter and format preserved tags list
104 Allow only listed tag names
105 Fix PICARD-881
106 Remove contrib folder from regen pot
107 Remove redundant debug log
108 Remove unsupported totaltracks metadata code
109 Refactor add directory code
110 Remove redundant code and log debug untranslated messages
111 Refactor code
112 PICARD-884: Add the parent directory if file selected from filebrowser
113 PICARD-885: Remove unsupported MPEG4 files from tagger
114 Refactor redundant code into function
115 Fix spelling error
116 Return a blank dictionary instead of none
117 Allow all tag names to be preserved
118 PICARD-882: Remove deleted tags from UI
119 Fix minor bug in shortcut trigger for Add Tag action
120 Return empty metadata instead of empty dictionary
121 PICARD-887: Allow some scripting functions to have arbitrary number of arguements
122 Fix spelling
123 PICARD-384: Allow wildcards for unsetting certain tags
124 Show 'add to preserved tags' action only on selected tags
125 Change dialog box style to match the rest of app
126 Logout when restoring defaults for general page
127 Refactor code
128 Add examples to docs
129 Add tests for arbitrary number of arguments
130 Fix runtime error for changing dictionary size
131 Add tests for unset script function
132 Add more tests for unset script function
133 Remove set conversion to list for join
134 Add supported_extensions method
135 Revert "PICARD-226: Add option for auto-clustering new files"
136 Remove erronous unsupported file formats from tagger
137 Refactor code
138 Add restore_defaults method to OptionsPage
139 Implement restore_defaults for General page to include logout
140 Remove useless return
141 Make utf-8 the default encoding for id3v24
142 PICARD-357: Fix the way Picard handles filenames with only extensions
143 Remove unnecessary try except clause
144 Remove unnecessary whitespace
145 Refactor code
146 Remove prefixed dot from extensions in about page
147 Remove unnecessary formatiing from log.error
148 Refactor code
149 Allow tags to be removed from preserved list using metadatabox context menu
150 Refactor code to allow duplicate removal
151 Remove unused import
152 Refactor code
153 Add tests for _fixed_splitext
154 Refactor code
155 Refactor code
156 Add ui for customize toolbar box
157 Populate toolbar_layout_list and add drag drop interaction
158 Add more customizations to toolbar interface
159 Connect Add Action button
160 Connect Add seperator button
161 Connect remove button
162 Connect movement buttons
163 Set initial config for customizing interface
164 Update save method to reflect changes
165 Update mainwindow on change
166 Minor bug fixes with toolbar update
167 Refactor code and add logging
168 Fix restore defaults
169 Add icons to list items
170 Fix spelling and refactor code
171 Fix formatting errors and restore_defaults method
172 Minor UI fixes
173 Add CD Lookup to default toolbar layout
174 Rename submit_action to submit_acoustid_action
175 Fix pep8 errors
176 Add i18n support to Add dialog labels
177 Add strings for translation
178 Handle unknown action names
179 Fix marked strings
180 Remove unnecessary whitespace
181 Implement ToolbarListItem to mitigate unique id issue
182 Implement AddActionDialog
183 Refactor code
184 PICARD-915: Handle Attribute errors to return None
185 PICARD-913: Add tooltips to reset buttons
186 PICARD-914: Remove existing tooltip on track object update
187 PICARD-918: Add splitter in scripting UI
188 PICARD-912: Update copyright dates
189 Refactor code and remove unused methods
190 Rename _on_submit to _on_submit_acoustid
191 Remove unused methods
192 PICARD-919,921: Change Options dialog tree layout
193 PICARD-931: Fix info dialog opening on double clicking cluster
194 PICARD-902: Fix load for tags options page
195 PICARD-923: Add startswith and endswith script functions
196 Add tests for startswith and endswith functions
197 Rename args to more appropriate names
198 Change windows packager to download and install latest plugins
199 PICARD-916: Fix type error in initialization of plugin.new_version
200 Add mimetypes in py2exe module includes
201 Update package-win.bat
202 Introduce new cover-art thumbnail class
203 Connect events for CoverArtThumbnail class
204 Update coverartbox class to include new and original coverart
205 Update labels in _show method
206 Update mainwindow to display original coverart
207 Implement __eq__ method for CoverArtThumbnail and update _show() method
208 Add i18n support to coverart labels
209 Add view coverart changes button
210 Add spacer item to push coverartbox items to top
211 Add tooltip for Scan toolbar button
212 Clear status bar on selection update
213 Wait for save thread pool to be finished before exit
214 Remove monkey patching of windows file write methods
215 Create
216 Update
217 Fix wrong new_file variable assignement due to modified old_file
218 Add picard specific code guidelines to
219 Add guideline for i18n
220 Correct the variable naming style
221 Remove sockets from py2exe exclude list
222 Add travis build status to README
223 PICARD-798: Handle empty collection list
224 Refactor add_release_to_user_collections
225 Add Norwegian to UI languages
226 Port obselete setItemSelected
227 Fix ws rating call
228 Add Picard 1.4 release notes
229 Fix coverart display string and compare datahashes instead of image data
230 Add __eq__ method for faster comparison of CoverArtImage
231 Add __nonzero__ method to metadata class when the metadata dict is empty but has related images
232 Show the image-diff viewer even when images other than the front image have changed
233 Show file changed status when CAA options changed
234 Fix image drop set url
235 Call file update after image is added through drag n drop
236 Fix __eq__ for CoverArtImage
237 Fix file icon status
238 Show detailed cover-art image changes
239 Fix file icon status not updated on save
240 Remove try-except for IndexError
241 Fix coverart change display issues
242 Update the quick start link
243 Update file icon status on save
244 Merge branch 'master' into picard258
245 Add debug info while dropping items
246 PICARD-988: Extract file paths from NSURL
247 Add debug log in case of import error
248 Move NSURL import to module level
249 Merge pull request #632 from lalinsky/master
250 Merge branch 'master' into master
251 Merge pull request #633 from lalinsky/master
252 Remove obsolete setEncodedQuery method
253 Merge pull request #637 from scop/py36escseq
254 Merge pull request #640 from Sophist-UK/patch-3
255 Merge branch 'master' into add-mailmap
256 Merge pull request #636 from Freso/add-mailmap
257 Merge pull request #641 from lalinsky/osx-package-env-rebuild
258 PICARD-996: Fix cover art box show
259 PICARD-998: Fix toolbar toggle action
260 PICARD-223: Allow Unmatched Files to be removable
261 PICARD-1005: Fix drag'n'drop behaviour on blank targets
262 Add debug information when aborting drop
263 Merge pull request #646 from samj1912/dropcluster
264 Add get_file_path method for OSX NSURL work around
265 Use get_file_path to fetch appropriate files from URLs
266 Merge pull request #647 from samj1912/dndcover
267 Move picard.log import to block level to avoid circular dependencies
268 Set sip api version
269 Add OSX tests and a build matrix for different linux envs
270 Revert "OS X package env rebuild"
271 Merge pull request #650 from metabrainz/revert-641-osx-package-env-rebuild
272 Dissolve the get_file_path method
273 PICARD-1010: Fix display/hide logic for Coverart box
274 PICARD-1012: Change QToolButtons to QPushButtons for GUI uniformity
275 PICARD-1011: Set action toolbar tab order according to custom order
276 Add release notes for 1.4.1
277 Change release date to tentative
278 Fix typo in artist_credit_to_metadata
279 Update Qt5 port
280 Replace deprecated __builtin__
281 Fix remote image drops in Qt5
282 Introduce picard.util.htmlescape and remove whitespace
283 Change deprecated xrange to range
284 Fix dictionary behaviour for py3
285 Fix astrcmp for new Py3 C API
286 Fix filter,map and reduce behaviour for py3
287 Update NEWS.txt
288 Minor change in wording
289 Merge pull request #670 from metabrainz/samj1912-patch-1
290 Bump version to 2.0 dev
291 Fix duplicate Ok button
292 PICARD-1047: Mark plugins with api_versions<2 as incompatible
293 Fix leftover QtGui widgets
294 Merge pull request #673 from lalinsky/remove-gitlab-ci-file
295 Merge pull request #674 from mineo/picard-1051
296 Fix old division
297 Replace deprecated basestring
298 Replace deprecated __getslice__
299 Replace deprecated __nonzero__
300 PICARD-1053: Fix wrong variable in stop_analyze
301 Replace deprecated file method and rename to formats.open_
302 Refactor and replace cmp methods
303 Replace StringIO with BytesIO
304 Remove old web browser code
305 Merge pull request #677 from samj1912/patch-1
306 Fix PY3 unicode
307 Fix urlparse move
308 Replace unggettext with ngettext
309 Fix py3 super calls
310 Fix test_script
311 Fix picard.format issues
312 Fix byte issues
313 Fix cover art test bytes issue
314 Fix bytes/string issue with unpack_image
315 Fix comment spacing
316 Fix vorbis tag images
317 Fix apev2 tag images
318 Fix freeform mp4 tags loading
319 Fix decode error
320 Fix vorbis tags
321 Fix test bytes error
322 Fix asf discnumber tag
323 Fix text encoding issues
324 Fix QNetwork response issues with json loads
325 Add hashable QTreeWidgetItem
326 Fix bytes/string issue
327 Update travis config to py3
328 Fix bytes issue in makeqrc
329 Update resources
330 Remove useless import and refactor
331 Remove extra LoC
332 Port util.filenaming to py3
333 Fix bytes issue in sigal send
334 Replace ugettext with gettext
335 Fix fpcalc output
336 Fix acoustid lookups
337 Fix imports
338 Add a json_load util function for py3 compat issues
339 Add support for hashable ListWidgetItem
340 Add sorting key for data
341 Fix bytes/string issue with URLs
342 Add a builtin for handling string coversions
343 Add name to author credits
344 Fix bytes/str issue
345 Convert pattern to string
346 Remove deprecated __unicode__
347 Fix drag and drop for itemviews
348 Test against more python qt versions
349 Fix encoding issues in file paths
350 Update flake8 config with new builtins
351 Remove unnecessary module
352 Remove unnecessary imports
353 Fix py3 compatibility
354 Update install instructions
355 Merge pull request #683 from mineo/install-md
356 Add documentation for string conversion and json_load functions
357 Remove unneeded NSURL code
358 Rename json_load to load_json to follow picard.util naming convention
359 Fix whitelines for google type docstrings
360 Change docstring verbiage
361 Fix crash on Browser lookups
362 PICARD-1058: Fix save file as images
363 PICARD-1064: Fix verbose tests
364 PICARD-1066: Fix update_constants
365 PICARD-1065: Fix patch_version
366 Add distutil testing to travis
367 PICARD-1062: Sort results by similarity (first member of tuple match)
368 Update API end point to v2
369 Merge pull request #694 from samj1912/picard1062
370 Merge pull request #708 from zas/picard-1073
371 Merge pull request #707 from Sophist-UK/fix-apply_func-2
372 PICARD-1077: Fix update encoding logic on id3 version change
373 Remove unneeded unicode prefix
374 Fix update_constants to not include unicode prefix
375 Merge pull request #713 from samj1912/remove_unicode
376 Merge pull request #715 from mineo/patch-version-default
377 Merge pull request #712 from samj1912/picard1077
378 Update Qt5 resources with new images
379 Update NEWS for 1.4.2 release
380 PICARD-1070: Fix apply_func being applied on file attribute tags
381 Merge pull request #719 from samj1912/picard1070
382 Update setup script to allow submitting pip packages
383 Fix python version check
384 Update version_to_string to follow PEP440
385 Add instructions for uploading to PyPi
386 Avoid mutable default arguments
387 Merge branch 'master' into version
388 Merge pull request #723 from samj1912/version
389 Merge branch 'master' into ibmi
390 Merge pull request #717 from samj1912/ibmi
391 Merge branch 'master' into fix-mutable
392 Merge pull request #724 from samj1912/fix-mutable
393 PICARD-817: Enable high DPI support for Picard
394 Merge pull request #725 from samj1912/high-dpi
395 High-DPI support for Cover art pixmaps
396 Add new icons
397 Update @2x icons and add attribution to the About dialog
398 Merge pull request #728 from samj1912/new-icons
399 Change directory and config names to correspond to dev version
400 Refactor code
401 Detect package name from version string
402 Remove unused imports
403 Fix alignment
404 Add coverage reports for codacy
405 Add setuptools metadata
406 Merge pull request #742 from Sophist-UK/rename-variables-redefining-builtins
407 Merge pull request #745 from mineo/readme-travis-link
408 Revert pypi_dev related changes
409 Merge pull request #746 from samj1912/revert_pypi
410 PICARD-1100: Remove deprecated gconf and move to gsettings
411 Merge pull request #749 from samj1912/gsettings
412 Merge pull request #751 from mineo/picard-1106
413 Refactor webservice code
414 Update the refactored webservice changes in other files
415 Fix erronous code: Return data from api functions
416 Remove unexpected argument from post api helper
417 Fix codacy errors and style issues
418 Add file header
419 Fix copy errors
420 Refactor code for api helpers
421 Rename variables appropriately and add exception on improper response parser
422 Refactor the webservice code to allow hooking of response parsers
423 Move API constants and add Unknown parser error
424 Add basic code to test Webservice
425 Fix imports
426 Merge pull request #754 from scop/spelling
427 Add more tests for WebService
428 Merge pull request #755 from mineo/unbreak-tests-mock
429 Fix variable names and error handling in WebService module
430 Add more tests for the webservice
431 Add helper functions for the JSON MB API
432 Fix MB-JSON erronous code
433 Add tests for mbjson
434 Clean up and refactor mbjson test
435 Remove duplicacy
436 Fix error handling
437 Add more test data
438 Move the default WS calls to json
439 Add a json parser
440 Switch AcoustID API to json
441 Fix bug while adding secondary release nodes
442 Migrate code to json API
443 Migrate coverart code to json API
444 Fix errors due to none type variables
445 Migrate searchdialog to JSON API
446 Refactor acoustid json parsing code
447 Properly handle None type objects
448 Fix comparison logic for releases
449 Remove mbxml
450 Fix error handling
451 Fix type error
452 Fix tests and add test data
453 Handle none type errors
454 Remove unused variable
455 Fix error in variable assignement
456 Convert releasetype to lower case
457 Fix spelling error
458 Switch to EAFP principle for getting track count
459 Switch to error log instead of debug log
460 PEP8 fixes
461 Remove unnecessary type casts
462 Remove unnecessary safeguards and LoC
463 Fix import error
464 Filter none type parsed recordings
465 Add acoustid json parser test
466 Test browser lookup utils
467 Normalize variable names according to python naming scheme
468 Merge branch 'master' into astrcmp_impl
469 Merge pull request #763 from metabrainz/astrcmp_impl
470 Build repo pushes only on master and 1.4.x branch
471 Refactor WS by adding WSRequest class and retries for temp failures
472 Fix WS tests for the new changes
473 Refactor WSRequest into method specific classes and change user string header setter
474 Fix tests with new POST refactoring
475 Fix spelling mistake
476 Switch to a better method to detect 503s
477 Add advanced rate limiting to WS
478 Add comment explaining the qt error code
479 Bump picard version for a new pip release
480 PICARD-1119: Fix wrong metadata parsing
481 Update code style to match contribution guide
482 Add API helper tests
483 Fix error while fetching collections in a release group
484 Fix windows tests
485 Add appveyor config for windows tests
486 Merge pull request #773 from zas/fix_catnums_null
487 Add OSX tests
488 Use flat style badges
489 Allow fast finishing to not wait up on OSX builds
490 Fix null type errors
491 Fix more null type errors
492 Fix null type errors and add test data for null types
493 Add null type tests
494 Fix logical errors in code
495 Fix undefined variable
496 Add response parser arg to API Helper and fix submit rating parser
497 Fix track id while loading
498 Merge pull request #778 from samj1912/fix-ratings
499 PICARD-1126: Add meaningful error log during lookup requests
500 Add v2 plugin manifest compatibility
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