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This gist is part of my blogpost on BERT. Find the complete blogpost, covering both theory and hands-on part, here:
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For some reason when saving that alpha (a) saves as first column and was messing up the training.
I changed that "alpha" column to "poop" and it fixed it. (think it is just saving columns alphabetically, maybe there is better fix here haha)

df_bert = pd.DataFrame({
'text': train_df[1].replace(r'\n', ' ', regex=True)

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Hey sir, can you tell me, how can I map words, only nouns, and adjectives to particular classes and properties of the Graph database, DO I have to create a dataset for each word and their respective classes and properties in an Ontology?

I am working on Q&A System for the graph database basically , I found research paper that do these thing but I don't think of how to achieve this.

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