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resource "aws_instance" "int_tableau_linux" {
key_name = "${var.key_name}"
ami = "${}"
instance_type = "m5.4xlarge"
iam_instance_profile = "${}"
vpc_security_group_ids = ["${}"]
associate_public_ip_address = false
subnet_id = "${}"
private_ip = "${var.dq_internal_dashboard_linux_instance_ip}"
monitoring = true
user_data = <<EOF
set -e
exec > >(tee /var/log/user-data.log|logger -t user-data ) 2>&1
#Initialise TSM (finishes off Tableau Server install/config)
/opt/tableau/tableau_server/packages/scripts.*/initialize-tsm --accepteula -f -a tableau_srv
source /etc/profile.d/
tsm register --file /tmp/install/tab_reg_file.json
aws --region eu-west-2 ssm get-parameter --name tableau_linux_ssh_private_key --query 'Parameter.Value' --output text --with-decryption > /home/tableau_srv/.ssh/gitlab_key
chmod 0400 /home/tableau_srv/.ssh/gitlab_key
su - tableau_srv
aws --region eu-west-2 ssm get-parameter --name tableau_linux_ssh_public_key --query 'Parameter.Value' --output text --with-decryption > /home/tableau_srv/.ssh/
chmod 0444 /home/tableau_srv/.ssh/
#Get most recent Tableau backup from S3
export DATA_ARCHIVE_TAB_INT_BACKUP_URL=`aws --region eu-west-2 ssm get-parameter --name data_archive_tab_int_backup_url --query 'Parameter.Value' --output text`
export LATEST_BACKUP_NAME=`aws s3 ls $DATA_ARCHIVE_TAB_INT_BACKUP_URL | tail -1 | awk '{print $4}'`
#As tableau_srv restore latest backup to Tableau Server
su - tableau_srv
export LATEST_BACKUP_NAME=`ls -1 /home/tableau_srv/tableau_backups/ | tail -1'`
tsm stop && tsm maintenance restore --file /home/tableau_srv/tableau_backups/$LATEST_BACKUP_NAME && tsm start
#As tableau_srv, get latest code
su - tableau_srv
git clone $TAB_INT_REPO_URL
##Publish the *required* workbook(s)/DataSource(s) - specified somehow...?
#DELETE the rest
#aws --region eu-west-2 ssm get-parameter --name gpadmin_public_key --query 'Parameter.Value' --output text --with-decryption >> /home/wherescape/.ssh/authorized_keys
#sudo touch /etc/profile.d/
#sudo setfacl -m u:wherescape:rwx /etc/profile.d/
#sudo -u wherescape echo "
#export BUCKET_NAME=`aws --region eu-west-2 ssm get-parameter --name DRT_BUCKET_NAME --query 'Parameter.Value' --output text --with-decryption`
#export EF_DB_HOST=`aws --region eu-west-2 ssm get-parameter --name ef_rds_dns_name --query 'Parameter.Value' --output text --with-decryption`
#export EF_DB_USER=`aws --region eu-west-2 ssm get-parameter --name EF_DB_USER --query 'Parameter.Value' --output text --with-decryption`
#export EF_DB=`aws --region eu-west-2 ssm get-parameter --name EF_DB --query 'Parameter.Value' --output text --with-decryption`
#export PGPASSWORD=`aws --region eu-west-2 ssm get-parameter --name ef_dbuser_password --query 'Parameter.Value' --output text --with-decryption`
#export DRT_AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=`aws --region eu-west-2 ssm get-parameter --name DRT_AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID --query 'Parameter.Value' --output text --with-decryption`
#export DRT_AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=`aws --region eu-west-2 ssm get-parameter --name DRT_AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY --query 'Parameter.Value' --output text --with-decryption`
#export KMS_ID=`aws --region eu-west-2 ssm get-parameter --name DRT_AWS_KMS_KEY_ID --query 'Parameter.Value' --output text --with-decryption`
#export DEBUG=`aws --region eu-west-2 ssm get-parameter --name DRT_AWS_DEBUG --query 'Parameter.Value' --output text --with-decryption`
#" > /etc/profile.d/
#su -c "/etc/profile.d/" - wherescape
#export DOMAIN_JOIN=`aws --region eu-west-2 ssm get-parameter --name addomainjoin --query 'Parameter.Value' --output text --with-decryption`
#yum -y install sssd realmd krb5-workstation adcli samba-common-tools expect
#sed -i 's/PasswordAuthentication no/PasswordAuthentication yes/g' /etc/ssh/sshd_config
#systemctl reload sshd
#chkconfig sssd on
#systemctl start sssd.service
#echo "%Domain\\ ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL" >> /etc/sudoers
#expect -c "spawn realm join -U DQ.HOMEOFFICE.GOV.UK; expect \"*?assword for domain.join@DQ.HOMEOFFICE.GOV.UK:*\"; send -- \"$DOMAIN_JOIN\r\" ; expect eof"
#systemctl restart sssd.service
tags = {
Name = "ec2-${local.naming_suffix_linux}"
lifecycle {
prevent_destroy = true
ignore_changes = [
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