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Created January 9, 2021 00:16
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Management @ PlanetScale

We want PlanetScale to be the best place to work. But every company says that, and very few deliver. Managers have a role in creating an amazing work experience, but things go awry when the wrong dynamic creeps in.

We have all seen those managers who collect people as “resources” or who control information as a way to gain “power.” In these cultures, people who “can’t” end up leading the charge. This is management mediocrity.

What will make us different? At PlanetScale, we won’t tolerate management mediocrity. We are building a culture where politics get you nowhere and impact gets you far. Managers are here to support people who get things done. They are as accountable to their team as their team is accountable to them.

We evaluate managers on the wellbeing and output of their team, how skillfully they collaborate with and influence others, and how inclusively and transparently they work.

You can expect your manager to:

  • Perceive a better version of you and support you in getting there
  • Gather and deliver relevant signal and opportunity for impact, tailored to you
  • Provide clarity of purpose, of direction, and of responsibility
  • Managers should be capable of making strong technical contributions even though they may not spend much time doing so
  • Drive a culture of excellence and attract increasingly talented contributors to the team

Your manager will not:

  • Micromanage or coddle you, instead they will insist on a high-trust, ownership-oriented culture
  • Command with title, instead they will lead with influence
  • Serve as a proxy or firewall, instead they will support you in building healthy, direct lines of communication with your colleagues
  • Play politics and hoard people, instead they are expected to and incentivized to put our entire team and customers first
  • Fill their time with milquetoast busywork, instead they enthusiastically engage with the work of getting things done
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