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My story rough draft. Why I'm here and where I'm going.

I started looking for a career change over a year ago now. I was in education, and I loved it, but I wanted a career with more opportunity for growth. After a couple Google searches that really weren't far from, "What should I do with my life?" I stumbled across these new-fangled institutions called coding bootcamps. I recalled some programming classes from high school with a little fondness, and a seed was planted. I started tinkering around on Codecademy and built a few apps. After a few solid months of soul searching I decided I really did want to make the career switch. One of my initial reservations was a fear that I was just persuaded by the glitzy marketing of a code camp and didn't actually have any interest in coding. I finally got enough experience to convince myself that wasn't the case, and I took the plunge into Turing. It was a fantastic decision, and I'm glad every day that I made it. I like solving challenges and making useful software.

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