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Created December 6, 2020 10:17
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# possible values: number (e.g. 2), "unset" (makes ktlint ignore indentation completely)
# true (recommended) / false
# possible values: number (e.g. 120) (package name, imports & comments are ignored), "off"
# it's automatically set to 100 on `ktlint --android ...` (per Android Kotlin Style Guide)
# Comma-separated list of rules to disable (Since 0.34.0)
# Note that rules in any ruleset other than the standard ruleset will need to be prefixed
# by the ruleset identifier.
#indent_style = tab
# Defines the imports layout. There are predefined layouts like "ascii" or "idea", as well as a custom layout.
# The predefined layouts are temporary and will be deprecated in the future, once Kotlin plugin supports EditorConfig property for imports layout.
# The custom layout can be composed by the following symbols:
# "*" - wildcard. There must be at least one entry of a single wildcard to match all other imports. Matches anything after a specified symbol/import as well.
# "|" - blank line. Supports only single blank lines between imports. No blank line is allowed in the beginning or end of the layout.
# "^" - alias import, e.g. "^android.*" will match all android alias imports, "^*" will match all other alias imports.
# import paths - these can be full paths, e.g. "java.util.List" as well as wildcard paths, e.g. "kotlin.*"
# Examples:
kotlin_imports_layout=ascii # alphabetical with capital letters before lower case letters (e.g. Z before a), no blank lines
kotlin_imports_layout=idea # default IntelliJ IDEA style, same as "ascii", but with "java", "javax", "kotlin" and alias imports in the end of the imports list
kotlin_imports_layout=android.*,|,^org.junit.*,,|,*,^* # custom imports layout
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