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Sam Selikoff samselikoff

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// tests/helpers/push-mirage-db-into-store.js
import { registerAsyncHelper } from '@ember/test';
import { run } from '@ember/runloop';
let pushMirageDbIntoStore = function(server, store) {
let tables = Object.keys(server.schema);
tables.forEach(table => {
if (server.schema[table].all) {
let all = server.schema[table].all();
# Ember defines function() {}.property() as a shortcut
# for making computed properties
name: (->
@get('firstName') + " " + @get('lastName')
).property('firstName', 'lastName')
# It is a shortcut to wrapping the function inside
# Em.computed. However, using the "long way" is
# actually a bit nicer in coffeescript due to not
# requiring the parentheses
bycoffe /
Created Jun 26, 2013
Town/county map using d3 and TopoJSON

This is a demonstration of how to create a combination town/county map from a shapefile using TopoJSON and d3.js.

It includes a simplified version of the code used for the Massachusetts special Senate election results on The Huffington Post.

Get the data

Download a shapefile of Massachusetts towns from the state's GIS site:

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# Jekyll Generator for SCSS
# (File paths in this description relative to jekyll project root directory)
# Place this file in ./_plugins
# Place .scss files in ./_scss
# Compiles .scss files in ./_scss to .css files in whatever directory you indicated in your config
# Config file placed in ./_sass/config.rb