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How to extract groups from a regex match in Ruby without globals or temporary variables. Code snippets supporting
if "" =~ /@(.*)/
raise "bad email"
# => ""
match = /@(.*)/.match("")
if match
raise "bad email"
# => ""
$1 if "" =~ /@(.*)/ or raise "bad email" # => ""
require 'andand'
/@(.*)/.match("").andand[1] # => ""
""[/@(.*)/, 1] or raise "bad email"
# => ""

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joshuapinter commented Dec 8, 2018

I found that match = /@(.*)/.match("") gave different results than "" =~ /@(.*)/.

Same Regex and same body but result was different so ended up using =~.

I take it back. I might not have been using .captures after using .match(). It works great, actually.

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