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digraph "DNA Base Complement Workflow" {
graph [fontname="Arial",fontsize=13,color="#384A52",fontcolor="#384A52"];
node [fontname="Arial",fontsize=11,color="#384A52",fontcolor="#384A52",fillcolor="#EFF2F5",shape=box,style=filled];
edge [fontname="Arial",fontsize=9, color="#384A52",fontcolor="#384A52"];
"Base Complement" [shape=box];
"Make DNA" [shape=box];
"Reverse" [shape=box];
"Base Complement" -> "Reverse" [taillabel="compl", headlabel="in"];
"Make DNA" -> "Base Complement" [taillabel="dna", headlabel="in"];

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@samuell samuell commented Jun 14, 2019

dot -Tpdf -o revcomplement.pdf

... results in:


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