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readSHARE setup for Stata
// Instructions for setting up readSHARE in Stata
// What is readSHARE?
view browse ""
// 2.1. Load all the waves that you want to use in the same folder
* In other words, all folders containing the data for a SHARE wave should be found following the same path , for example under "C:/Users/JohnSmith/Documents/SHARE"
* Remember to extract the zip-files.
* We recommend you download all waves at once
// 2.2. Download readSHARE
ssc install readSHARE
// 2.3. Create the following macros
// Check that you do not have whitespace in your paths
global sData "C:/YOUR_DIRECTORY/" // NB! Insert your path here
global shareDesc "${sData}/shareDescStata"
global w1Dir "${sData}sharew1_rel7-1-0_ALL_datasets_stata/"
global w2Dir "${sData}sharew2_rel7-1-0_ALL_datasets_stata/"
global w3Dir "${sData}sharew3_rel7-1-0_ALL_datasets_stata/"
global w4Dir "${sData}sharew4_rel7-1-0_ALL_datasets_stata/"
global w5Dir "${sData}sharew5_rel7-1-0_ALL_datasets_stata/"
global w6Dir "${sData}sharew6_rel7-1-0_ALL_datasets_stata/"
global w7Dir "${sData}sharew7_rel7-1-1_ALL_datasets_stata/"
global w8Dir "${sData}sharew8_rel0-0-1_beta_ALL_datasets_stata/"
// NB! Run the above global macros every time you use readSHARE
*Alternatively you can copy the macros in the file. That way the macros are active upon startup of Stata
* file is created or located in your "personal" folder, the path of which can be found using the command
// you can check that your paths look reasonable by checking your paths using the following commands
// often missing "/"'s are causing trouble
di "${shareDesc}"
di "${sData}"
di "${w1Dir}" // etc.
// 2.4. Finally create a file containing the metainfo and save it
/ run the following two lines only once, and uncomment this after that
createSHAREDesc, sDir("${sData}")
cap n save "${shareDesc}", replace
// 2.5. Congratulate yourself for the good work when the following command opens the PH-module of wave 7
readSHARE *, w(7) mod(ph)
// 2.6. Also get familiar with the full functionalities of readSHARE
help addSHARE
help readSHARE
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