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Example of Scala injection of a singleton
// StopWatch class
abstract class StopWatch {
def giveTime: Time
// Class is declared abstract as it is lacking a StopWatch which will be later injected.
// Note that we could have defined a default value here and thus made the class concrete.
abstract class FooBar {
val watch: StopWatch
// This is a companion object, equivalent to static methods in Java,
// it is *not* a singleton and does not belong to the FooBar class hierarchy.
object FooBar {
def doSomething ...
// This is a singleton -- note that it extends a type and thus is an instance
// of StopWatch.
object AtomicStopWatch extends StopWatch {
override def giveTime = obtainTimeFromAtomicClockAndReturnIt
// This injects the dependency into an instance of FooBar
val myAtomicFooBar = new FooBar { override val watch = AtomicStopWatch }
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