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Pure, stateless, type-checked React components with Immutable.js and Flow
/* @flow */
var React = require("react")
var Immutable = require("immutable")
// In order to use any type as props, including Immutable objects, we
// wrap our prop type as the sole "data" key passed as props.
type Component<P> = ReactClass<{},{ data: P },{}>
type Element = ReactElement<any, any, any>
// Our componenets are truly a function of props, and immutability is
// assumed. This discipline is a feature, not a bug.
function component<P>(render: (props: P) => Element): Component<P> {
return (React.createClass({
shouldComponentUpdate(props) {
return !,
render() {
return render(( : any))
}) : any)
// Defining components couldn't be simpler.
var Example: Component<string> = component((foo) => {
return <span>{foo}</span>
// In order to use JSX, we need to pass our props as `data`, but flow
// will still type check this for us.
var foo = <Example data={"bar"} />
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nmn commented Apr 19, 2015

good stuff.

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kolman commented Apr 21, 2015

How would you pass callbacks?

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railsnerd commented Apr 22, 2015

Ah yeah callbacks scratches head

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samwgoldman commented Apr 22, 2015

@kolman @railsnerd I don't understand the question. You just pass the callback as props. Flow can type functions, too.

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kahwee commented Apr 25, 2015

Is this in Typescript?

How did your props in React become Immutable objects? Is this an automatic thing?

Thanks for this example!

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rclai commented Feb 4, 2016

@kahwee you have to pass them as Immutable objects already.

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