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Hello everyone! In this video we will briefly cover the current features of the health and safety database, as well as those currently waiting to be implemented.

When you first launch the viewer you are greeted with a password box. If you enter a password incorrectly you well be prompted and will have to try again. If you don’t know the password then you won’t be able to access any new information from the server.

After entering the password you'll be greeted with the 'search engine'. Here you can type any text and the database will score every record against the text you entered. For example, if I wanted to search for an employee, I can simply type the employees name. To search for a specific department, I can type all or part of the department's name, "Quantity" in this example. To search for all employees who are managed by a particular person, I can type that person's name, in this example "Hamilton". The more the query I enter is mentioned for a specific employee, the higher that employee will rank in the search engine. So in this case we can see that Alistar ranks at the top of the list, followed by his 2 PAs and these are followed by everyone he manages.

Next to every employee there is a button which opens a form containing information specific to that employee.

The information included spans from basic information: name, workplace etc. to H&S specific information: DSE, Training, PPE etc. Any data edited in the form, will be recognised and sent to the server for updating. Certain data like PPE is displayed in a listview, allowing users to change column size, reorder columns and sort the data. You can also edit the data within a listview by clicking on the edit icon found to the right of it. This will open another Excel window and allow you to edit the data.

As of 12th February 2018, changes made to all data is not updated on the database as this process is only half implemented.

Finally, the database currently keeps its data up to date via the Outlook contacts, however from discussions with Mark Wormald, it has been decided to source the information from the Exchange server instead. This is yet to be implemented.

In Summary

Features implemented:

  • The ability to search for specific employees given a certain user input.
  • Displaying employee information in Excel.
  • AutoUpdate of Employees from outlook contacts.
  • Initial implementation requirements required for server side updates.

Features planned but currently missing:

  • Auto-Update of Employee information from the Exchange database.
  • The ability to update H&S information from Excel.
  • The ability to add employees which don't work at PickEverard.

Future potential features:

  • Notification system - To notify you of tasks that need to be completed.
  • Custom queries and reports.
  • Automatic interop with infotracker database.
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