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import sys
import os
from random import shuffle
from collections import OrderedDict
if not sys.version_info >= (3, 0):
print("python3 only")
tag_from = ""
tag_till = ""
# full name
ignore_translators = ['luigi1111']
ignore_contributors = ['luigi1111']
exec = lambda cmd: [line.strip() for line in os.popen("""%s""" % cmd).read().split("\n") if line]
def git_log(ignores):
if ignores:
ignores = """--author='^(?!{ignores}).*$'""".format(ignores='|'.join(ignores))
return """
git log --perl-regexp {ignores} --pretty=format:"%ce %x09%an%x09%s" --date=short {tag_from}..{tag_till}
""".format(tag_from=tag_from, tag_till=tag_till, ignores=ignores).strip()
def get_translators():
# get translation authors
git_cmd = git_log(ignore_translators) + " translations/ "
history = exec(git_cmd)
return parse_history(history)
def get_contributors():
# get commit authors, excluding `translations/` and `lang/`
git_cmd = git_log(ignore_contributors) + " \":(exclude,icase)translations\" \":(exclude,icase)lang\""
history = exec(git_cmd)
return parse_history(history)
def parse_history(history):
authors = OrderedDict()
for author in history:
email, name, commit_msg = [_author.strip() for _author in author.split("\t")]
authors.setdefault(name, [])
authors[name].append({'msg': commit_msg, 'name': name, 'email': email})
return authors
def print_authors_detailed(authors, title):
print("============= %s" % title)
for author, commits in authors.items():
print("%s" % author)
for commit in commits:
print(" - %s" % commit['msg'])
def print_authors_markdown(authors, title):
print("============= %s" % title)
for author in authors.keys():
print('- %s' % author)
if __name__ == "__main__":
if len(sys.argv) != 3 or sys.argv[1] not in ['markdown', 'detailed'] or '..' not in sys.argv[2]:
print("usage: ./%s [markdown|detailed] [tag..tag]" % sys.argv[0])
print("example: ./%s markdown \"v0.12.3.0..v0.13.0.3\"" % sys.argv[0])
tag_from, tag_till = sys.argv[2].split("..")
print("monero-gui %s <> %s - dsc" % (tag_from, tag_till))
translators = get_translators()
contributors = get_contributors()
fprint = print_authors_detailed if sys.argv[1] == 'detailed' else print_authors_markdown
if contributors:
fprint(contributors, title="Contributors")
if translators:
fprint(translators, title="Translations")
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