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Benchmarking json loading across json and ujson (precision floats and normal)
import json
import ujson
from timeit import repeat
def decode_json(data):
def decode_ujson(data, precise=False):
ujson.loads(data, precise_float=precise)
def raw():
with open("data/some_data.json") as f:
LOOPS = 100_000
if __name__ == "__main__":
setup = "from __main__ import decode_json, decode_ujson, raw"
print("Best of {0} of {1} loads each\n".format(REPEAT, LOOPS))
print("std json: %.4fs" % min(repeat("decode_json(raw())", setup=setup, number=10000, repeat=3)))
print("ujson w/o precision load: %.4fs" % min(repeat("decode_ujson(raw())", setup=setup, number=10000, repeat=3)))
print("ujson w/ precision load: %.4fs" % min(repeat("decode_ujson(raw(), True)", setup=setup, number=10000, repeat=3)))
$ python
Best of 3 of 100000 loads each
std json: 6.1493s
ujson w/o precision load: 5.0161s
ujson w/ precision load: 5.0040s
$ python
Best of 3 of 100000 loads each
std json: 5.1441s
ujson w/o precision load: 4.9517s
ujson w/ precision load: 5.0072s
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