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import urlparse
import argparse
import redis
import sys
from multiprocessing import Pool
import signal
def parse_redis_url(s):
url = urlparse.urlparse(s)
if not url.scheme:
s = 'redis://' + s
url = urlparse.urlparse(s)
if url.scheme != 'redis':
print 'Invalid scheme %s for %s'%(url.scheme,s)
return None
db = int(url.path)
except ValueError:
db = 0
return (url.hostname, url.port or 6379, url.password, db)
def compare_string(src, dst, key):
if src.get(key) != dst.get(key):
return False
return True
def compare_hash(src, dst, key):
h1 = src.hgetall(key)
h2 = dst.hgetall(key)
if set(h1) != set(h2):
return False
for k,v in h1.iteritems():
if h2[k] != v:
return False
return True
def compare_list(src, dst, key):
if src.lrange(key, 0, -1) != dst.lrange(key, 0, -1):
return False
return True
def compare_set(src, dst, key):
if src.smembers(key) != dst.smembers(key):
return False
return True
def compare_zset(src, dst, key):
if src.zrange(key, 0, -1, withscores = True) != dst.zrange(key, 0, -1, withscores = True):
return False
return True
def compare(key):
res = cmp_funcs[src.type(key)](src, dst, key)
if not res:
print "key '%s' differs"%key
return res
except redis.ResponseError as e:
print "Error '%s' when comparing key: '%s', skipping"%(e, key)
return True
def init_worker():
signal.signal(signal.SIGINT, signal.SIG_IGN)
if __name__ == '__main__':
argparser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Redis diff tool.')
argparser.add_argument('--src', required='True')
argparser.add_argument('--dst', required='True')
args = argparser.parse_args()
host,port,password,db = parse_redis_url(args.src)
src = redis.Redis(host = host, port = port, password = password, db = db)
host,port,password,db = parse_redis_url(args.dst)
dst = redis.Redis(host = host, port = port, password = password, db = db)
src_key_count = src.dbsize()
dst_key_count = dst.dbsize()
if dst_key_count != src_key_count:
print "Source and destination key counts differ (%d : %d)"%(src_key_count, dst_key_count)
cmp_funcs = {}
for t in ['string', 'hash', 'list', 'set', 'zset']:
cmp_funcs[t] = globals().get("compare_" + t)
pool = Pool(50, init_worker)
it = 0
scanned = 0
diffs = 0
while True:
it, keys = src.execute_command('scan', int(it), 'count', 1000)
if int(it) == 0:
# Use multiprocess pool to compare lots of keys simultaneously
res =, keys)
diffs += len([x for x in res if x == False])
# Straight forward non-parallel approach, slower
# for key in keys:
# try:
# if not compare(key):
# print "key '%s' differs"%key
# diffs += 1
# except redis.ResponseError as e:
# print "Error '%s' when comparing key: '%s'"%(e, key)
scanned += len(keys)
sys.stdout.write("\rprogress: {:3.2f}".format(100.0*float(scanned)/src_key_count))
print 'Done. Found %d diffs'%diffs
except KeyboardInterrupt:
print "Caught KeyboardInterrupt, terminating workers"
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