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Last active Oct 11, 2018

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sample xud changelog alpha.1

1.0.0-alpha.1 (2018-10-11)

Bug Fixes

  • don't send order invalidation to taker (9b94048), closes #506 #478
  • cli: fix addCurrency swapClient arg (98c4450), closes #527
  • config: properly set default macaroon paths (d9f24bf)
  • config: use custom config file path (#514) (5987960), closes #502
  • orderbook: set localId on own order removals (3f2d07e)
  • p2p: prevent new conns after closing pool (be62f1e), closes #516
  • swaps: don't calculate negative amounts (33117fc)


  • grpc: add SSL to gRPC (50551f5)
  • grpc: add unban call (#555) (bcb23cc)
  • lndclient: add nomacaroons option (4728dd5)
  • lndclient: check if chain is out of sync (1b33276)
  • OrderBook/Swaps: placeOrder (#541) (7c6343c)
  • p2p: add configuration options (#556) (a99df0f), closes #434
  • p2p: add reputation events (#470) (9f8ab32), closes #457
  • p2p: prevent duplicate pending connections (6ad856b), closes #398
  • p2p: store last address used for conn (#496) (aa9bd7f), closes #365
  • proto: ban node via gRPC (#544) (ed03df2), closes #336
  • rpc: add lnd pub keys to listPeers (#543) (95403d1), closes #487
  • rpc: add new order events rpc subscriptions (4eca52d), closes #123
  • SWAPS: cltv-delta Part 2 (e22ded5)
  • add network command line argument (a8c0cfc)
  • check if order is swappable before broadcast (0840753)
  • check order book before accepting swap (1dd2cff), closes #421
  • leave partially swapped orders in order book (cb0c756)
  • support specific pairs for GetOrders (#526) (615cbfd), closes #454
  • update handshake on lnd pubkey change (b3527f1), closes #513

Performance Improvements

  • improve parallel await on init (05f64d5)


  • p2p: Adds a column to the nodes table.
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