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Class to hold the statistics as returned by the GitHub Commit API for single commit details.
Add the following lines to the original class:
private Stats stats;
private List<CommitFile> files;
public Stats getStats() {
return stats;
public void setStats(Stats stats) {
this.stats = stats;
public List<CommitFile> getFiles() {
return files;
public void setFiles(List<CommitFile> files) {
this.files = files;
package org.eclipse.egit.github.core;
public class Stats {
private int additions;
private int deletions;
private int total;
public int getAdditions() {
return additions;
public void setAdditions(int additions) {
this.additions = additions;
public int getDeletions() {
return deletions;
public void setDeletions(int deletions) {
this.deletions = deletions;
public int getTotal() {
return total;
public void setTotal(int total) { = total;
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