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Batch website screenshots using Safari
(* Navigates to each page and takes a screenshot *)
(* Combined a screenshot script -- -- with some javascript *)
set save_location to (choose folder with prompt "Choose where to save screenshots")
set base_url to ""
set first_page to 1
set last_page to 5
set filename to "screenshot-"
tell application "Safari"
do JavaScript "window.resizeTo(1200, 824);" in document 0
do JavaScript "window.moveTo(0,0);" in document 0
end tell
repeat with id from first_page to last_page
tell application "Safari"
do JavaScript "window.location.href = '" & base_url & (id as string) & "/'" in document 0
--let the page load
delay (4)
do shell script "screencapture " & quoted form of POSIX path of save_location & filename & (id as string) & ".png"
delay (1)
end tell
end repeat
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